Our History

Owenbrook started out as a farm in 1976 owned by the Winters. It was converted into a Golf Course in 1980 by Richard and Marg Roxborough. Bruce McNichol bought it in 1986, continuing the Roxborough's golf tradition. Bruce has owned it for the past 32 years and holds a special place in his heart:

What Owenbrook Means to Me:

The definition of a golf course is a place of beauty to be holed. To me Owenbrook is a place of beauty to behold, it's a place where I can appreciate and observe nature working in her mysterious ways; where I'm able to share time and enjoy a chat with my fellow man, where clean air and water still exist, where physical activity and exercise are possible. A think tank when needed, a place to entertain friends and relatives when lucky enough to have them visit and where I can share my daily workload with some willing, wonderful young people. This is where counting one's blessings comes easily.

The list is endless, but possibly the most important of all, Owenbrook is a magical place instilling a purpose in life allowing me to share my good fortune with my fellow person while giving something back to our Creator.

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